• 40 x 40 Rouge Kiss
  • 36 x 36 Rock On!
  • 48 x 48 Cubed Sophistication
Current Exhibit

Craig ALAN

"New Works" April 17 — May 16, 2021
Outside Night 1

About Canfin Gallery

***UPDATE: Canfin Gallery is open to the public, three clients/families at a time in the gallery with adequate social distancing and mask requirement, to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit. If you rather set up a private appointment, please contact info@CanfinGallery.com or call 914 332 4554. Also, please visit our website for online exhibitions, as all art currently available is posted.

Canfin Gallery, located in Tarrytown NY, has been for the past decade home to the discerning collector for the acquisition of fine and contemporary art. Its client base extends throughout the United States and abroad.

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